Sunday School - Missionary Sheila Britton

We nurture young children

Youth Department – Evangelist Sharon Bolton

We empower the next generation

Prayer Ministry & Intercession Team – Missionary Eileen Brown

We pray

Missions – Missionary Yvonne Samuels

We help those in need

Women’s Support Group – Sister Ava Bradford

We support women

Women’s Department – Mother Folkes

We encourage women to walk in grace and power

Bible Studies - Dr Norma Juggan

We empower men

Men’s group – Deacon Winston Farquarson

We empower men

Hospitality – Sister Etta Ennis

We take care of you

COGIC Theological College

We study the Word of God

Ushering - Sister Deion Grant

We welcome you

Community Feeding Programme – Sister Princess

We feed the community