The Glory of the Latter House

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Who of you is left who saw this house in its former glory? How does it look to you now?

From before the foundation of the earth God wanted intimacy with men. The Bible tells us that before we were formed in the womb he knew us and he had already made us and sanctified us for his own will and good pleasure.

Later, after the fall of men which brought separation from God,  the temple was instituted as the place of communion between God and his beloved creation.

Should we read about the construction of the temple it would become very obvious that when the temple was erected and God was pleased with it – not because he is a God who dwells in houses and temple but rather because for the first time since man’s sinful nature came into enactment, God had a stable and permanent place to meet with them.  The temple demonstrated craftsmanship, it was a place marked by divine order and beauty. God show His pleasure by allowing his presence and glory to filled the space. His presence was tangible, no one could minister.

However, the people were careless with this glory and were taken into captivity and the temple destroyed.

When the temple was later rebuilt, it looked different and those who were old enough to remember the glory of Solomon’s temple wept because the new temple fell so short of the splendor of Solomon’s. The younger ones who only saw the remnant of Solomon’s temple, were rejoicing over their new temple.

The only thing the older and younger folks had in common was the foundation. The foundation of the new temple was the same as Solomon’s and it is the foundation of the temple that is very important.

As great as the Early Church was, it was only the beginning of what God is doing. When He finishes His house it will have a greater glory than the Early Church. We haven’t seen the finished product yet! The Lord declares “peace” in this latter house.

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